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Salient features
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World Brahman Federation

Salient Features

(Compiled by Vinod Tewary) 


World Brahman Federation, abbreviated as WBF, is an international organization of Brahmans. The organization is based in North America and registered in the state of New York as a not-for-profit- organization.


The objective of the WBF is to promote social, cultural, educational, and religious links between Brahmans of the world, and to uplift the international Brahman community. The WBF will put a special emphasis on educating the younger generation not only in Brahman values but modern education and encourage them to become excellent citizens of the country where they live. The WBF will collaborate with likeminded Brahman organizations of the world and help them to achieve that objective.

bulletWBF identifies Brahman organizations all over the world, which promote Brahman values and are operated in a democratic manner consistent with the ideology  of the WBF. These organizations are invited to affiliate with the WBF and provide mutual strength to each other.
bulletSubject to availability of funds, WBF will provide financial, educational, and any other help needed to individual members or affiliated organizations to help promote Brahman values and for welfare of the Brahman community.
bulletWBF provides a platform for our youth to meet and develop contacts with other members of the community all over the world. WBF organizes conventions in the USA and other parts of the world to serve that purpose. Matrimony has been an important consideration in every community. WBF provides potential contacts for those who want to marry in their own Brahman community anywhere in the world.
bulletWBF realizes that the community of Brahmans must transcend geographical and political boundaries. We must create an international community of Brahmans by bringing them together and help them seek their own cultural and social identity that has a tremendous psychological, social, economic, and political value. For a group to become a socio-economic force, it must evolve from a crowd to a community. The main task of the WBF is to create such an international community of Brahmans and encourage them to work not just for the welfare of their own community but for the whole society and the country in which they live.
bulletScience and Technology, and the consequent industrialization have brought about a fragmentation of society. In the present age of fragmented society and localized irrational forces, it is of paramount importance for individuals to form regional as well as international links and communities. WBF, by promoting Brahman values, provides that much-needed link.
bulletReligion, traditions, and characteristic "Samskara" that impart the Brahman values are needed for being a Brahman. It is obligatory for each generation to pass on the torch of Brahman values to the next generation. WBF acts as an enabler for passing that torch.
bulletWBF promotes  a healthy respect for tradition along with a progressive outlook and scientific attitude. WBF strongly encourages children to excel in modern education and their professions.  We derive strength from the past but move into the future.
bulletWBF strongly disapproves the evils of Hindu  caste system. WBF promotes respect for all human beings and is against all types of discrimination. WBF takes pride in its own identity and believes that we can have respect for different cultures only if we have respect for our own.